The Best Project Ats Rhapsody and ATS Knightsbridge That You Can Adopt As Your Homes

Seven imposing residential towers flanked by absolute green is what ATS Rhapsody is all about. Rhapsody as the name reveals is an expression of extreme feeling of happiness and has everything you need to live with utmost luxury and convenience. This modern representation of green heaven is located right on the Sector-1, which also makes connectivity to Delhi, rest of Noida and NCR cities rather easy. This breathtakingly beautiful residential project is also within easy reach of Sector 32 &    sector-18 metro stations making transit to the capital and NCR a song.


Living in region 150 techniques smooth system to Delhi and NCR by methods for Greater Noida Expressway and NH-24. Region and transparency is what you should look at if you are living near the capital of India. Traffic can get extremely thick, when it is apex time, yet with effectively laid freeway you don’t need to worry over that. Ats rhapsody is completely submerged in Golf green with scenes, strongholds, waterholes and inventive development. There is an abundance of water you will find as twin pools, wellsprings, gazebos and other water bodies. Gigantic children’s play zone, unwinding parks, and a swarm of civilities notwithstanding clubhouse and screening theater in the tempest basement save this excess endeavor. You can’t be far behind in case you live well and wish to value the best on earth, for instance, the Ats rhapsody Noida.

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