Manoj Gaur House Key Features, Estimated Price & Address

Many of us who buy houses in various property developments do not have time to pause and think that the house in which we are living with comfort is the master creation of a person. The person who has thought to make it with all comforts. In the past, a King remains in his palace to enjoy the comforts and distribute some of the accolades to his subjects.

Similarly, the person who makes the developments as Gaursons adds great achievements to connect with his legacy, and to maintain it he creates his own home. Gaursons is a residential property by the chairman and Managing Director of Gaurs Group. He is the Chairman of CREDAI, National and President, of CREDAI (NCR).

manoj gaur home

Under his able leadership and guidance, Gaurs Group Property has come up with stupendous heights which adds to a huge number of residential and commercial projects all over Delhi-NCR. His strong commitment to the thought of housing for all projects is also a vision of our beloved PM, Shri Narendra Modi, and the people are just loving it. Man always looks for the comforts and it comes with the proud feeling of his own home. This gives him various other better ways to enjoy his achievements and Gaursons make the homes for them which gives them peace and comfort.

The project developer has been constantly delivering homes for the past three decades. Gaurs Group has delivered over 40,000 units and it cares for all sections of society. It has offered possession between 2014 and 2022 for more than 40,000 units. From the top strata where he creates homes for the elite as Gaur Mulberry Mansion to the middle class who pulls out every money to build his own home from Gaursons so that they don’t have to listen “Beghar” means “without a house” word from others.

We as a person always look at the achievements of others in the form of our residences, cars, net worth, and various other details. What we do not see that how much a person has done for society before making himself rise. Here are some of the residential, commercial Project, and mixed-use developments by Gaursons from the past few decades.

Some of the Residential Projects by Gaursons are:

  • Gaur Aero Heights
  • Passport Studio by Gaurs
  • Gaur Waterfront Plots
  • Gaur Lakeshore Villas
  • Gaur Runway Suites
  • 16th Parkview – 2, 3 and 4 BHK Apartments and many more

Commercial Projects by Gaursons:

  • Gaur Aero Mall
  • Gaur World Smartstreet
  • Gaurs The Runway Suites
  • Gaur City Centre

Premium and Luxury Collection:

  • 3rd ParkView Villas
  • Trecento Residences
  • The Islands by Gaurs
  • Gaur Mulberry Mansions

The residential project developer has diversified into many sunshine sectors such as retail, education, hospitality, and sports. It adds media, energy, and education. The project adds expansion plans but with a vision to give more and attain more. It adds to creating adaptability and by tapping different sectors of the Indian economy it is one of the biggest achievers.

house-of-manoj-gaur investormart

Manoj Gaur is not only a successful entrepreneur but is equally powerful with his words and deeds. Gaurs Group has recently inaugurated a 15 MW Solar Power plant in Gwalior. The project promotes clean energy and contributes to a clean and green future. It aligns with Manoj Gaur’s dedication that adds to sustainable development. The investments of Rs 80 Crores in the solar energy sector serve the group’s determination that add eco-friendly practices.

Manoj Gaur emphasizes his well-being which is perceived by successful person. His endeavours are recognized through accolades that are too many which is not a common feat. He received the CEO Of the Year award at the 2019, BAM Awards which is in association with CII. He further continues to achieve architectural excellence and creates more shortly.

Some of his Prominent Roles in CREDAI are:

  • 2012-14 – President, CREDAI, Western UP
  • 2014-15 – President, CREDAI, Western UP
  • 2015-17 – President, CREDAI, NCR
  • 2017-19 – Vice President, CREDAI, National
  • 2019-21 – Chairman, Affordable Housing Committee, CREDAI, (National)
  • 2021–23 – Vice President, North, CREDAI (National NCR)
  • 2022 – 23 – President – CREDAI (NCR)
  • 2023 – Chairman – CREDAI (National) 

Roles in PHDCCI

  • 2020 – Chairman, UP Chapter, PHDCCI
  • 2021 – Chair, Housing and Urban Development Committee, PHDCCI – UP Chapter 

Mr. Manoj Gaur’s residences in Greater Noida West and Lutyen’s Delhi add luxuries, architecture, and the Krishna idols that add to contemporary and modern living. Manoj Gaurs’ house in Greater Noida West is within his creation of residential developments such as the Gaur Mulberry Mansion.

The residential address of the property is The Gaur Mulberry Mansions, West 53, Lotus Villa Road. Sector 1, Greater Noida West. The residential property worth is over Rs 30 Crore onwards.

The Gaur Mulberry Mansions has an area of 35,000 sq ft. It is with a quick resemblance to the United States Capitol building. The residential project has an ultra-luxury spot that offers well-manicured lush green gardens and with beautiful landscape. It adds large palatial rooms, artefacts, vintage furniture, and chandeliers and connects with surreal glass doors. The residence is a manor that gives a truly enriching lifestyle.

Manoj Gaur’s House in Lutyens Delhi

Every rich person has a wish to have a home in Lutyen’s Delhi, the power capital. Mr. Manoj Gaur who has made his mark in real estate is with his home in Lutyens Delhi. Mr. Manoj Gaur has started his journey to achieve developments that are not a mean feat. The residential and commercial developer has earned his name as the CMD of Gaurs Group and vice president of North CREDAI National.

The city address which is an envy for others is 1, Barakhamba Road, Gaursons. He has the property which is within proximity to prominent government buildings and heritage properties. It gives the urban farmhouse ambience and it adds as best of the property by him, for his family members and himself.

Sri Manoj Gaurs bungalow is spread over an area of 2200 sq yards which connects with British heritage architecture that is across Connaught Place. The residences add with aesthetics and offer heritage looks. Sri Manoj Gaurs shifted to this luxurious Lutyen’s Delhi House in 2018. He lives with his father, mother, wife, and two sons.

The residences add beautiful and lavish residences with extensive driveways to the house. The residences have main doors which come with unique carved chairs as welcome chairs. It is with a glamorous sweeping staircase that takes you to the lower ground floor. It adds with magnificent dining and living area, two guest rooms, a home theatre, top of an art lounge area. The living area with more than 6,000 to 7,000 sqft is decked out with most deluxe materials. Its interiors connect with luxuries that have palatial vibes and make everything feel real.


He also keeps a thought about large social gatherings and parties which decides with seamless space along with no boundaries. The living area features furniture and connects with opulent vibes, plain walls with a touch of gold, and glossy ivory floors. It matches the theme and connects with the royal vibe. The stately and contemporary hallmark is part of Mr. Manoj Gaur’s house. The sprawling dining area is on another side of the living room and has a 14-seater dining table which is made with special order. The centerpiece is with red flowers that contrast with the golden-paneled wall. The lower ground floor has two guest rooms with sound soundproof party area. It has a widescreen with speakers that are firmly positioned on walls within the party space. The place serves multiple amenities such as a home theatre and party hall to organize loud music parties.

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The Ground Floor Adds With Spectacle to Behold

The ground floor of the bungalow features four bedrooms, a front lawn that adds open party space, swimming pool. The most interesting part of the ground floor is with huge 3000 sqft master bedroom. It adds with walk-in dressing area, full full-sized glass windows that overlook beautiful manicured lawns.

Master Bedroom With a View of Lush Green Landscape

The glass façade connects with beautiful nature, the bed is positioned with a view of a lush green landscape. The house blends well with a theme that connects with bedroom interiors with a royal touch. It adds vintage royal furniture and golden and white texture walls. It has a golden frame mirror with flowers placed in the front. The master bedroom has a big walk-in-dressing area which is made according to the preference of Sri Manoj Gaur. It adds with wide golden dressing table and has overall space with a spectacular touch.

Other Bedrooms With Swanky Bungalow

All the bedrooms add a unique color theme, with a brown and white theme, gold and blue collection, and burgundy and white combination. The décor is tasteful and has wood and metal panels in one. It adds with cascading canopy with golden reflectors in another bedroom.

Mrs.Manju Gaur, the lady’s wish was to create interiors that add to the address which is high-end, luxurious, and reflects Lutyen’s Bungalow. It adds to royal looks, effortless elegance and aesthetics which propels the real estate baron to do more.

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Sunny Leone House Key Features, Estimated Price & Address

Sunny Leone, the Bollywood Diva who has given many movies is always in the news. She has a past that is for the people who dare. Although is considered taboo in India but has made many businesses flourish in the form of Playboy and other adult-related businesses. The porn industry which is a thriving culture in the West has been part of Sunny Leone’s life but she never put too much light on how she got into it. The developments in her life have made her rich and she gets more responses from all the people because of her elegance and beauty.

Sunny Leone Made her Debut in the Hindi film Industry With the Bollywood Movie Jism 2.

After her success in the film industry, she moved to Mumbai. Sunny Leone moved into her flat in Andheri with her family in July 2023. She shares a photo in which her husband Daniel is seen carrying her to the new home.

Décor is Captivating at All Her Homes

Sunny Leone

The couple purchase the 4365 sqft apartment with a sum of 16 Crores. The flat has a huge living area. One side of the flat is furnished with a plush grey area. It adds blue sofa sets and a dining table on the opposite end. The house gets sunlight and the decor is with a chest of drawers. It adds with golden Buddha statue which is next to Lord Ganesh. The residential area has three lavish bedrooms, a terrace swimming pool, and a beautiful terrace. It connects with stunning views of Mumbai’s skyline. The flat adds beautiful chessboard-esque tiles on floors with wooden accents. She has put Marilyn Monroe’s artwork in her home.

American Art and Décor Style With Indian Artifacts Reflects in Her Residences

The flat has three beautiful bedrooms. She has a grey bed that has a backdrop of white walls. It has a huge lounging space and it affects window placement that leads to cross ventilation. It adds to ensure a great ambience which gives her peace and solitude. She has one of the most beautiful infinite pools that connects with a stunning view of the city escape. The house décor has very much American style and gives her three children a great place to enjoy with their husband. She feels overwhelmed with her house purchase and considers it the best decision in her life.

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber have bought the property for a whopping 16 Crore for the luxurious developments. Rs 48 lakh was the stamp duty paid by them.

Los Angeles apartment with beautiful green developments

She has one of the beautiful apartments in Los Angeles. Sunny Leone bought this home on her 36th birthday. The bungalow covers 43,560 sqft with a location in Sherman Oaks. It adds well know neighborhood that connects with bungalows that are owned by Hollywood celebrities. It is 30 minutes from Beverly Hills which is one of the most coveted addresses in Los Angeles. The house has five bedrooms that add with patio, a lovely garden, luxurious swimming pool. The bungalow has a stunning outdoor area and it adds a breathtaking view of the city. It adds a place to host small barbecue parties with a dining table and grill. The Luxurious Property is spread over one acre of land with an estimated price of Rs 19 Crores.

Sunny and Daniel set a Couple of Goals to Achieve Their Dreams

Sunny and Daniel Weber, have set their couple goals and it looks into her house décor. They have done the properties with five large bedrooms, a secret garden, sprawling backyard. It adds with swimming pool, home theatre, expansive outdoor lane, and a beautiful dining area. They add with roof-porch which adds with comfortable seating options that overlooks the hills. It makes a great place to create fun-filled memories with friends.

Sunny Leones Bungalow

Collecting Souvenirs to Decorate Homes from Travels

The interior decoration of the home adds with common ground and it lights up the reflection by adding decors from the place they travel. The duo has traveled all parts of the world and the artifacts which they purchase find a place at their homes. It has a two-foot-long bronze idol of Lord Ganesha. It adds a four-foot handcrafted stupa from Nepal.

A Great Place to Enjoy a Barbecue and Enjoy a Lavish Lifestyle

The property has beautiful and open spaces to offer with a massive open-air deck. The deck overlooks a serene view of Los Angeles where they accommodate small parties for friends. It is also enhanced with a grill barbecue. Sunny and Daniel have seen arranging pool parties and lunches at this property with the kids.

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Touch of Diverse Personality Reflects in Residences

Sunny leony housess

The interiors in Sunny’s homes are painted with pastel shades which keep it white base that connects with beautiful vibes within a large space. The couple adds well-developed contrast furnishings and upholstery with a backdrop of white walls. The utility is merged with well-managed articulate plans and it reflects the diverse personalities. The room is styled with washrooms in a modern touch and it features with dainty bathtub and, an eye-catching chandelier.

It shows the wish to reach a height from where everything else looks small and that has been done by Mrs Sunny Leone. She took her lifestyle to quench her thirst without any pre-occupied notion and make life work for her.

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Fusion Homes Resale Project in Greater Noida

The buyers and investors who are looking for an ideal residential buy for resale purposes get the best at Fusion Homes resale. The project has come up with a huge opportunity for buyers and sellers. It was launched in the year June 2021. Within a few years, the project gives higher rental on investments with better capital appreciation. The residential project comes with good ideal developments and creates better specifications along with amenities. The residential project gives you a project area with 9 acres, total launch apartments of 1604. The residential project has some promising developments with a good inventory of new and resale. It has completion status and it makes it easy for buyers to get residences here with superior connectivity, good lifestyle balance, and cost appreciation.


Fusion Homes resale is with the residential project that is for the residences as the project has an RERA number of UPRERAPRJ3302. The residences come with 2, 3, and 4 BHK homes with a huge area of 925 sqft to 2045 sq ft. The residential project connects with the promising location of Noida Extension, Tech Zone 4, Greater Noida West. The residences are one of the best development areas that serve all the needs as schools, hospitals, and multiplex, malls are within walking distance. The project area has with good population density that serves the necessities as you get all aspects of a peaceful lifestyle within it. It makes residential developments with the best of the sports and outdoor amenities, clubhouse, green area, and specifications. It has the best of the fittings and furnishings within the project area and most of the homes have semi-furnish status. The kitchen gets modular, bathrooms are well fitted with bath accessories, bedrooms have ac’s and many other specifications that match your needs.

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Fusion Homes

Fusion Homes Resale gives you all the necessities as club area, parking, and maintenance charges for sewer lines are paid up. So, you get better negotiation to get the best deals to buy the residences. The parking area for visitors and residents is also with the project. It gives you an ideal way to get the best deal and the residents get the most out of it with good units under us. Interested buyers can immediately have a look at the residents and we will give you promising returns with your purchase. It makes a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers although the prices have been shooting up due to huge appreciation as compared to developing projects. But as you know you get the advantage of ready-to-move homes at great prices. Other Fusion Project  :  Fusion The Rivulet , Fusion The Brook


Fusion Homes is with 2 BHK homes with an area of 1035 sqft, 925 sq ft. The residential project offers 3 bhk with 1430 sqft, 1635 sqft, and 1980 sq ft. The 4 BHK apartments have an area of 2045 sq ft. Some of the promising amenities for the residential project are with gym, swimming pool, club house, and children’s play area. It has an intercom, jogging track, 24/7 security, power backup, lifts, and rainwater harvesting system. The residences are Vastu compliant with promising specifications within doors, floors, walls, fittings, and all other specific needs. It makes a complete project ideal for investments with a good location advantage.

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Virat Kohli House Key Features, Estimated Price & Address

Virat Kohli is an iconic cricketer and a brand ambassador for the millions of cricket fans from young to old. He is a cricketer who represents cricket at all levels, from his U-19 World Cup victory to the 2024 World Cup the cricketer is enchanting the crowds all over the world. His childhood wish to marry a heroine from Bollywood is already fulfilled and he has a daughter Vamika from her. Mrs Anushka Sharma the beauty of his life and the centre of attraction of his life, puts all her efforts as a wide to giving him all the positivity in life.

Mrs Anushka Sharma has come up with a huge number of Filmfare awards one of the most prestigious of the awards, Rab Ne Bana di Jodi in 2009, Band Baja Barat in 2011, Ladies vs Ricky Behl in 2012, Jab TakHaiJaan in 2013. She has also won many other Filmfare awards and Zee Cine awards. She is known for the Hottest Vegetarian award by PETA.

The Couple Gives Their Best Shot in Every Day of Life

Once a person talks about a cricketer he thinks about his achievements and milestones afterward but his lavish lifestyle, house, endorsements, and cars along with swanky mansions counts first. The residences that Sri Virat Kohli owns are as beautiful as his thoughts and give the couple an adorable way to spend their time. It is understood that both couples have huge work commitments the male in cricket and female in films. However, they pull out the time to stay together and give the best of their time to their homes which they proudly own. The residential home developments make it. They have a huge social presence on social media and you must be aware that Sri Virat Kohli has a huge number of followers on Instagram. The most significant achievement for Virat Kohli is the 2011 CWC Victory where he bought laurels for his country and made the citizens proud by lifting the world cup.

Virat house

Virat Kohli House With Beautiful Features at Mumbai and Gurugram

The estimated cost of the house is 80 Crores and connects with the reflection of great residing space. The house is in Gurugram and the other one is in Mumbai which costs Rs 35 Crores.

One could see the beautiful view of Mumbai from the balcony of Virat Kohli’s house. The residence is captivating and looks grand with a swanky pad, lavish interiors, and exteriors. The balcony gives you a beautiful view of Mumbai city and offers an elegant design structure within the residential area. It adds multiple sunlit corners inside the house that keep it warm. They have a beautiful balcony with flower pots in abundance. Mrs. Anushka Sharma spends her time on the terrace and balcony.

The couple’s house offers many superb developments but their favorite hang-out place is the balcony where he can be seen spending time. They spend the moment of solitude and can be seen enjoying the warmth of the sun on the balcony. It is on the 35th floor of Omkar 1973 at Worli, Mumbai.

Virat Kohli Gurugram House

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma Gurugram house is at DLF Phase 1 as C-1/10. Gurugram, Haryana. The residences are far away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Sri Virat Kohli’sresidence in Gurugram is exclusive with a 3D Fancy shape. It adds with amazing geometric structure, with Anushka and Virat staying here in Delhi-NCR.

Anushka and Virat Kohli House in Juhu, Mumbai: The couple has rented a flat with Rs 2.76 lakh per month at Juhu which is one of the posh locations in Mumbai, in the second half of 2022. The apartments on the fourth floor of the High Tide building offer a beautiful sea view. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma paid a deposit of Rs 7.50 lakh for 1650 sqft apartments.

Virat Kohli’s House and Lifestyle:

Virat Kohli’s house in Mumbai is a swanky pad that offers lavish interiors, and exteriors. It has a balcony which offers a beautiful view of the city. The residence is designed as an elegant structure it adds simple minimalistic features. During the lockdown period, both were seen at this house for more than 10 months to spend their couple time together.


The residences are spacious and the couple can be seen spending peaceful time. Sri Virat Kohli could be seen sharing of photos on his Instagram page from his house. He is often seen spending his fitness regime at home.

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His rooms use neutral color themes that range from beige to brown. A little bit of color break is on the wall, which adds beautiful wallpaper in black and white that makes it look simple and modern.

Both of them are a public figure and the cricket and film-crazy nation which Indians always wish to sneak peek into the lifestyle of cricketers and actors. Seeing this, they are cautious about the various types of pictures and social media messages although do not keep too much confidential status for their homes. They keep in check that their fan do not get hurt like Anushka who is bubbly and Virat is aggressive on the field in all his actions. Together, they make a charismatic pair and get the best out of their expenditure to make their own homes look beautiful.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Car Collection:

You can follow their fan page to have a look at their lifestyle and the posts that are part of the page.His prize possessions are cars and with a huge car collection, he is also the brand ambassador of Audi cars in India. He has 2 auditions of Audi R8 LMX, Audi A8 LW 12, Audi Q7, Audi Q7, Audi S6, and Range Rovers as Range Rover Vogue. It also adds with bulky Toyota Fortuner and Renault Duster. Thus, his car’s price ranges from Rs 2.97 Crore to Rs 13.5 Lakh.

Mrs. Anushka Sharma has some of the best car collections. She has Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Autobiography, Audi Q8, BMW 7 Series, and Bentley Flying Spur. The price for her cars ranges from Rs 2.42 Crores to Rs 3.21 Crore.

Apart from them they fiercely endorse many brands and get paid for campaigns. Virat Kohli’s business in terms of ownership is WROGN and One8. He has a chain of restaurants as One8 Commune, he has Puma as a collaboration to create the sportswear brand OneB. Virat Kohli’s business list includes Blue Tribe, Roge Coffee, One8, Hyperice, Chisel Fitness, Digit Insurance, Universal Sportsbiz Pvt Ltd. Neuva restaurants, and Sports Convo.

Virat Kohli House In Mumbai

Top Brands endorsed by Mrs Anushka Sharma are Myntra, Shyam Steel, Nivea, Rajnigandha Pearls, Lavie, Rupa & Company, Kerovit, Standard Chartered Bank, Nush, Pure Derm, Elle 18, Patene.

Some of the key information at Virat Kohli and Mrs. Anushka Sharma at Gurugram and Mumbai are:

  • The year with moving for Mr. Virat Kohli and Mrs. Anushka Sharma for Mumbai residences is 2016 and 2015 for Gurugram.
  • The location of Mumbai’s house is at Worli, Mumbai. It has DLF Phase 1 for Gurugram homes.
  • The Mumbai house is on the 35th floor and lavish Bungalow in DLF Phase 1, Gurugram.
  • The Mumbai house is with an area of 7,000 sqft and 4500 sq ft.
  • The estimated price is Rs 35 Crore for Mumbai’s house and Rs 80 Crore is for DLF Phase 1, Gurugram house.
  • The key features of Mumbai’s house are a private gym, exteriors, and plush interiors.
  • The key features of the Gurugram house are wooden furniture, a hanging swimming pool, engrave Buddha paintings.

The childhood house is at Meera Bagh, Paschim Vihar. It gets connected with Delhi Metro. Here he grew up and has many fascinating stories.

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Shahrukh Khan House Key Features, Estimated Price & Address

Sri Shahrukh Khan, The Badshah of Bollywood has to live in a palace. So, he chooses a house that is equally enticing and makes the fortune grow with the ideal name Mannat. The residence is a 6-story tall building, offers positive vibes, and is an abode for the family. The Shahrukh Khan, Kids and the wife Mrs Gauri Khan, reside in this palatial bungalow. The Badshah of Bollywood has completed more than 30 years with the Hindi Film Industry in June 2023.

Sri Shahrukh Khan’s movie Dunki has seen a grand opening and earned 65 Crores on the first day. This shows the stardom of Shahrukh Khan, who has been loved and adored by millions of fans all over the world. The actor also stars as a brand ambassador in the ad film of his son, Mr. Aryan Khan’s apparel venture, D’yavol. The ad film is directed by Sri Aryan Khan and it features Khan and him.

 mannat house

The Signature Style House Becomes an Inspiration to Others   

Sri Shah Rukh Khan as a person wishes every aspect to be grand where he prefers bungalows and does not live in sea-facing flats. His signature style house makes him above many other stalwarts who wish to give all their in a residence that merely matches their existence. Our beloved King Khan makes us crazy when he reaches the terrace that is created to get his glimpse of the crowd. Every day people gather near the Bungalow, especially on his birthday 2nd November he could be seen taking the wishes of people and waving to the crowd.

Interior Designer as Mrs. Gauri Khan for Mannat

The interior designer for the residence Mannat is Mrs Gauri Khan, who has put her heart and soul into giving the residence a fascinating look. Although most of the developments within the house seem to be hand-picked it lets people gasp breath when they see the grandeur and style. The residences let you feel better ways to enjoy within the residences. The residence has furniture designed by Mr. Tom Dixon. The bungalow is made into a masterpiece with neoclassical theme. The modern and stylish developments with the neoclassical theme, look in its art in every corner.

The sea-facing bungalow is a landmark as people know that their beloved Shah Rukh resides here. It has become a spot that is always flanked by people who wish to see him at any time. One should always think that a house is a place of privacy and you are just interrupting it. After all how much a person will care, but somewhere down the line he has to get his own space. Although, it is your personal choice to make him feel adored but love has a thin line that is not to be crossed.

To Get Inspired is the Lifestyle and The Residence of Mannat

In November 2022, the residence gets the new nameplate which trends on Twitter. Mannat gets a new LED Nameplate which illuminates even after dark at the new entrance gate. The residence is MANNAT at Bandra West. The address is Mannat, Land’s End, Bandra Bandstand (W), Mumbai Maharashtra, Mumbai, 400050, India.

Mannat shahrukh home

The house is modern and stylish, with beautiful art objects from around the globe. Mannat Stands out with large white pillars. It connects with French windows and has superior designer lighting, which connects with its style statement. The exterior wall of Mannat is white colors, beige, white, and brown, cream is the colors that make it look fabulous from the inside. Mannat has wooden floors with extensive design. It has leather furniture which offers a classy look to interiors. It adds with beige walls.

The Residence Adds an Aesthetic Sense to its Belongings 

Mannat house gets an extended second wing housing a posh lounge area with a better sitting area. It adds with beautiful and sprawling Shah Rukh House kitchen and connects with the needs of Khan’s with offices and studios. It has a well-shaped gym, the multi-storeyed Mannat House is connected by a system of elevators. It adds living rooms, that have paintings by Sri M.F. Hussain. It has a good collection of antiques and other objects that add to its beauty. The family living area is on two floors. The Mannat Houses an entire floor that serves as a playroom for kids. It has a private bar, library, and also has an entire entertainment center.

Films That Give the Bollywood Badshah Memory Of his Mentors

We as Indians how much we say that we have become on our own, but somewhere we have adored the seniors and pro in our lives. We must have shaped our career but we have made someone or the other as a role model. When it comes to Bollywood movies some of them are considered to be watched many times as they connect with our happier days. The private theatre at Mannat is with Mahagony Velvet red walls and burgundy shade leather recliners that add as best cinematic view. It has blockbuster movies to watch Amitabh ji, Viru, Thakur, and Gabbar which has mint millions as Sholay, Mughal-E-Azam, Ram Aur Shyam.

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The Mannat Gets a Raincoat During Monsoon

The house during the monsoon, gets a plastic sheet. He gets it covered with a plastic sheet to remove any effect of monsoon in it. 

During Coronavirus Lockdown, in March 2020, King Khan records a song at Mannat House to post it on social media networks. The video was shot in his study at Mannat house, with backdrop of beautiful abstract paintings. It adds hardwood furniture, bobblehead toys army is placed here. It adds with a family portrait. It has multiple sitting areas in Mannat. SRK’s house and family room have a low table which lets him spend quality time together when not engaged in the shoot.

Shah Rukh Khan’s house has an elegant dressing room with make-up lights is placed vertically with both sides on the mirror. You get beautiful portraits on the rear wall of Mannat House, supposedly of parents.

The Dining Space is Elegant and the Kitchen Adds With Pleasant Aroma

The dining space at Mannat houses a 12-seater table that has hardwood chairs which adds elegant space. It has multiple kitchens and at times Sri Shah Rukh Khan could be seen cooking his food which shows his humility and the wish to make his favourite dish that cannot be prepared by anyone else. It also reminds us of his days of struggle at times when he has to sleep or work without food although only occasionally.

A Grand Study With a Collection of Awards

The beautiful and grand study room of SRK’s house, which as awards won by him. He learns a lot every day not only with his personal achievements but with his acting as he spends time on his various lifestyles and acts through his videos. The Filmfare trophies are beautifully perched on the right side and several mementos are kept on the partition space which is place behind the sofa. The floor-to-ceiling has wooden panels and it adds warmth to the entire room, which also comes with a circular in design.

mannat home

The luxurious bathroom is with aesthetic design and has glossy black and white marble floors. The use of mirrors and glass details adds to luxurious appeal to the bungalow. It has wooden staircase which takes the bedroom as upper floors. The lobby area has been done with beautiful placement of cool console tables.

The Price for Mannat is Rs 200 Crores 

Sri Shah Rukh Khan and Wife Mrs. Gauri Khan home in Mumbai, 3 BHK 7th floor, sea-facing home flat. It was Shree Amit Apartments on Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai. He was looking for a new home and his search end here in 2001, when he bought a 26,328.52 sqft of Bungalow for INR 13.32 Crore at Bandra Brandstand.

Mannatwas a small bungalow call “Villa Vienna”. It was own by Kekoo Gandhi a Parsi Man, from Gujarat.

Sri Shah Rukh Khan and Mrs Gauri Khan efforts turns in into huge mansion.

It is now with value of Rs 200 Crores.

Mr. Shah Rukh Khan House Key facts:

  • Mannat is with location in Posh Bandra West. It enjoys a prime location with stunning view of Arabian sea.
  • The mansion features a blend of neo-classical and it has modern architecture styles. It adds with grandeur and designs that are exquisite, with all white façade, large windows and intricate details.
  • The interiors are with tasteful decoration with luxurious furnishings, artworks. It adds with beautiful and well define spacious living area. It has several bedrooms, home theatre and library. The interior designs reflects with the elegant taste and lifestyle which is part of the family.
  • The name Mannat as it suggest is a wish or prayer in Urdu. Sri Shah Rukh Khan chose the name to signify the gratitude for success and make the home a place of happiness and fulfilment after his years of struggle and success in the film industry.
  • It is now a landmark in Mumbai and is with most recognized celebrity homes in India.
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Ratan Tata House Key Features, Estimated Price & Address

Ratan Tata is a man who represents the hard-working, flamboyant, and person who has shaped his destiny despite his rich inheritance. The leader of The Tata Group has many firsts in its name from being one of the biggest steel plants of India at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand to Tata Motors which builds trucks to Tata Punch, the favorite car of India masses these days.


Life is all about humble beginnings and according to him during his stay in the US, he has done several jobs to earn money on his own and to meet his expenses. This shows him as a man of steel with grit and determination and makes him the man who knows how to build his empire. He has put a mark in India’s business and industry and his company’s products are sold by the name of TATA as we buy Tata Salt and many other goods with close eyes as well. This is the trust which belongs as a legacy to him and he has made generations proud with his philanthropy and continues to do so.

ratan tata house


This all makes him the cynosure of all eyes and looking into his house is a way to understand that he has put all efforts to get it customized according to his needs and for people who are part of his life.


Ratan Tata House With Key Features:


His beloved house has an equally beautiful and powerful name “Bakhtawar” at Colaba, Mumbai. The residential area has 13,350 sqft and has 3 floors, which makes it divided amongst 7 levels. The residential project adds with basement that accommodates 12-14 hours. It is at a distance from Ratan Tata house and accommodates 12-14 cars. This Tata Property has humble developments and yet looks fascinating. It adds with elite surroundings as Colaba is one of the premium destinations and is a sea-facing property. It is with sophistication and simplicity and reflects the personal influence in every detail of the house as TATA. The Property shows brilliance in architecture that is sturdy and makes it withstand quakes and tremors. It is not far from the iconic Taj Hotel in Colaba which comes as one of India’s most expensive hotels. The residence has beautiful decoration that has with tasteful design and his powerful impression makes it one of the iconic properties.


The Importance of Sun and Prayer in his Life


The residence connects with tranquil settings and a beautiful puja room on the ground floor. It adds neutral tones to the walls and has natural light that reaches all homes. The sun deck gives another better way to spend time in the sun which is necessary for all despite the age. People with powerful backgrounds enjoy spending time in the sunlight. This gives them to face any difficulty in life which is less known to persons or is generally ignored by the people. The prayer room in the house properties adds neutral tones on walls and with natural light that streams through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Vastu is a Necessity at Tata Homes

Vastu Shastra is not ignored with the design of Tata House. The direction of the entrance, symmetrical patterns of spaces, and connects with ancient principles. It adds to ensuring harmony along with the positive energy that comes with the house. The home exudes serenity and elegance along with beautiful landscaping which compliments the beauty of the Colabacoast. It leads to huge implications of Vastu in our life which is not ignored by the powerful and richest. It also makes you think that nature is equal to all and should be followed with respect.

ratan tata houses


The Ratan Tata’s residence is with Pooja room that is on the ground floor. It adds with wooden accent and looks extremely peaceful. Every inch in detail has been taken care of with tones on walls, an abundance of natural lights and the beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows add with serene atmosphere. It reflects Ratan Tata’s life and he is a believer in the superpower Krishna.


Ratan Tata’s Home Amenities


The home’s amenities are not only a necessity but it reflects the personal preference and choice to make his home. The residences offers his persona and style which also reflect his multifaceted personality. The residences have multiple amenities that add cozy dining spaces. It has potted plants that reflect his personal choice of gardening. He adds that he remains constantly in touch with his headquarters of Tata Sons as it is within 20-minute drive.


Ratan Tata Colaba House: The Location and Legacy That Makes him Carry Forward


The home is not only a place that is mere existence. If it is the home of Shri Ratan Tata it certainly propels him to get back every day towards his duty and his dreams to achieve more. It is not only an architectural marvel but adds more through his personality that has led him to his golden years of life. A person in his early 80’s has seen much of the world through his eyes and it reflects in his personal choices. His grit and determination make him the heartthrob of millions of women who still look forward to him and wish to get their better half as a person like him.  

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Residential Place to Live in Greater Noida

Bank Holidays in India For 2024


Ratan Tata Home Price


Although, it is a bit personal it is good to know that the steel magnate and several other business owners, Ratan Tata have his house according to his tastes and preferences. It is not merely an extravaganza but his humble approach towards life can be seen in this house which is priced at Rs 175 Crore. Despite the rising prices of land and rentals in the iconic city of Mumbai, this house of Tata is his little fort which makes him feel at home.


Ratan Tata House in London


ratan tata home

Tata has a house in London that is lavish yet looks simple and elegant. The residence has a living room with plush carpet, and French doors, which makes it his favorite place to add more to his global business. The inner details are captivating and from the exteriors, it looks like a palace that is built for the king, in his industry domain.


Ratan Tata House in Navsari, Gujarat


 In the quiet town of Navsari, Gujarat, Ratan Tata’s house adds a place that gives very natural vibes. It looks like an old fort that mesmerizes you with its architecture. The residence looks sturdy and has its charm which is part of the old residences which are built for its owners only.


Ratan House in Jamshedpur


Sri Ratan Tata is one of the most adorable people in the hearts of people from Jharkhand, India. It Is because his company Tata Steel has created an entire township as Jamshedpur. It is the center of the steel industry which has led the foundation for many other industries in Jharkhand and the mightier Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand is its cousin in terms of wealth and development. I wish to mention this city because my school teachers from here always used to speak in high regard about Sri Ratan Tata. The residence of Sri Ratan Tata is not only a residence but it gives the modern architecture look and makes it look beautiful. It is with much of a villa that is certainly the choice of the rich in this part of the world.


Ratan Tata Guest House Ooty


Ooty is one of the most beautiful hill stations and the residence here makes you connect with the man’s luxurious style. It adds to the living room and offers a panoramic view with a calm and peaceful lifestyle. It makes you sit and wonder about the persona which Sri Tata is and his hard work that has given him many accolades.


The Tata Homes have Good Parking Facilities for his Cars Which he Owns from his Dream Vehicle Tata Nano to Many Supercars.


Sri Ratan Tata’s best wish to create a hospital for his pet dogs and cats has bore fruit. He has come up with a hospital for pet dogs for Rs 165 Crores. It is a 24/7 hospital for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals. It shows the love and care which the men’s companion needs at different ages and the commitment of Tata to create wellness for animals.

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Mukesh Ambani House key Features Estimated Price & Address

Sri Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in the world creates a magnificent house that connects well with his lifestyle. The residential project adds supremacy and develops as 27 storey building. The residential project is 173 meters which is 568 feet tall, and is spread over 6070 sq. meters with 65340 sq. ft. It connects with a huge number of amenities where you get a car garage to accommodate 168. The additional amenities are a ballroom, a 50-seat theatre, and 9 high-speed elevators. It also has a ballroom on offer. It has a terrace garden, health center, swimming pool, temple, and snow room that spills snowflakes from walls.

Inspiration of Home on Mythical Atlantic Island

The home is inspired by as mythical Atlantic Island and the owner is a business tycoon from Reliance Industries, Mr. Mukesh Ambani. The location in South Mumbai’s Altamound Road is with an estimate as the world’s second-most expensive property after Buckingham Palace. The high-end mansion costs an estimated $ 1-2 Billion.


Features, Location, and Huge Amenities That Make Antilia

The residence is in the most luxurious location. It has a 400,000 sqft building making it one of India’s most expensive properties. The per square foot of any real estate on Altamound Road ranges between Rs 80,000 to Rs 85,000 as pe Continue reading

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Elite Golf Greens is Give the Best of the Elite Class Living Experience

Elite Golf Greens is a residential project with 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms that serves your needs and preferences according to your lifestyle. The residential project has some of the best developments as a super area with 1215 sq ft to 2715 sq ft. The promising lifestyle connects with residence needs and gives you an elite lifestyle that connects with RERA Number UPRERAPRJ4654. The developer for this project is Golfgreen Mansions Private Limited. It connects with the best location at Plot number GH-02-Periphery road, Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. It gives you a better lifestyle to enjoy with all the amenities and better specifications that complement the projects. More Property Find HereProperty in Greater Noida

Elite Golf Greens

Elite Golf Greens as a Residential Project has a Total Land Area-

Elite Golf Greens as a residential project has a total land area of 6.18 acres. It is Phase 1 of this project. The residential project has with total number of floors of 19 and has open space area of 75%. The residential project has the best of the premium residential project with a location at sector 79, Noida. It adds high-rise residential developments that give the best of the elite-class living experience. The residential project has aesthetically pleasing developments and serves all the needs of buyers and investors. It compliments the project developments and you certainly feel the elite class that is within the project area. The residential developments have with best of the features and create a huge number of opportunities for investors.

More Project -  CRC Joyous

Elite Golf Greens is with best of the class and size that connects with a better super area. It has 2 BHK with an area of 1215 sq ft, and 1245 sq ft. The 3 BHK has an area of 1645 sq ft, 1895 sq ft. The 4 BHK has an area of 2295 sq ft, 2335 sq ft. The 5 BHK has an area of 2715 sq ft. It has an esteem price of Rs 56.06 lakh to Rs 1.25 Crore approximately. The residential project has more than 75% open area and every building connects with a drop-off lobby. It gives you each of the flats which connects with corner flats. The project gives you some of the vastu base and eco-friendly projects. It has a 24-hour water supply and 2 high-speed elevators per tower. It also has ample car parking which connects to the complex. This residential project has a convenient shopping center with daily needs. It gives you treatment of wastewater with state of an art sewage treatment plant. The residences give you modern buildings and landscapes that are designed by renowned architects. It gives you residences within a gated community that comes with CCTV surveillance along with entrance lobbies on the ground floor. The residential project gives you power backup within the common area, and power backup within the apartments.

More Project -  Fusion The Brook

Elite Golf Greens has residential amenities such as a gym, badminton courts, swimming pool, and tennis court. It has a skating rink, squash court, basketball, yoga area, and table tennis. The residential project has a total land area of 6 acres. It gives you a total number of towers of 8. The total number of units is 616. The residential project has excellent investments with higher returns. The project gives you a flourishing lifestyle as you get a business center and library. It is with next to a commercial plaza, exclusively crafted interiors.

More Project -  Fusion The Rivulet

Elite Golf Greens gives you residences with sophisticated concepts that add to the luxurious lifestyle. The residential project gives you more than 75% of an open area. It connects with every building as you get drop-off lobby. The residential project gives you flats with corner flats too. The project gives you vastu base, eco-friendly projects. It has ample car parking within the complex area. There is a convenient shopping center for all your needs. It makes one of the best projects with location advantage. It is FNG at 10 minutes, and Noida-Greater Noida at 20 minutes. The nearest railway station is at Anand Vihar at 19.4 km. It has a metro station and Wave City Centre at 7.2 km.

More Project -  Nirala Estate Phase 2

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Best Place to Live in Greater Noida

Greater Noida is a residential and commercial development zone that connects with Noida on one side and Yamuna Expressway on the other. The projects at Greater Noida are premium developments and serve the best real estate investment needs for buyers and investors. The project development makes it one of the promising developments with a higher return on investments. The project area is with location to 30 km from Delhi and is in proximity to Jewar airport too. The price of residences in this area is high and it gives you some of the best capital appreciation. Here are some of the best places to live in Greater Noida.


Zeta Locality, Greater Noida: One of the prominent sectors of Greater Noida is Zeta. The project offers the location at Noida-Greater Noida link road with proximity to Eta, Delta I, II, and III. The well-known areas as Alpha 1 and II, Beta I and II, and Gamma I and II are some of the best property development areas. It connects with ready-to-move multi-story apartments and high-rise residences are part of this area.

The few of the residences within this project make one of the best places to live in Greater Noida:

  • ATS Dolce with 2, 3, 4 BHK Apartments

  • ACE Platinum with 2, 3, and 4 BHK Apartments

  • Assotech Springfields as 3, 4 BHK Apartments

  • Stellar MI Legacy with 3, 4, and 5 BHK Apartments

  • Purvanchal Heights with 3, 4, 5 BHK Apartments

The project area has the best of the social conveniences within the project area as you get better educational institutes, malls, and multiplex. The project area gets all your needs and necessities within a few minutes from your residences.

Connectivity: Noida-Greater Noida link road and main road serve Zeta. Noida Expressway is with easy access from PariChowk.

Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida:

Knowledge Park V is one of the well-developed regions of Greater Noida. The project connects with a huge number of IT/ITES developments that make it a high-value residential, and commercial area. The project area is with good rental value and better price appreciation. It is with immediate connectivity to Sector 2, Sector 12, and Sector 10. The project area provides a clean and green neighbourhood with wide roads, and security surveillance is for this highly developed region. There are a huge number of residential plots in Knowledge Park V, Greater Noida which makes it one of the best places to live in Greater Noida. It adds residential plots and land. The project is with the best of social convenience as key schools and educational institutes are near it. This area is connected with the Noida-Greater Noida link road and has Mari pat railway station near it.


Omicron, Greater Noida: Omicron Greater Noida as a residential, commercial project is one of the prime developments in this region. The project area is 7 km away from Pari Chowk. It connects with the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway which connects with the Delhi-NCR region. It connects with many ready-to-move apartments which are available at better prices with us. The residential project offers a better return on investments. The residential development is done with the Greater Noida development body which adds to the construction of 900 flats in this region. It gives a price offer within the budget and makes it with better capital appreciation. It makes it one of the best places to live in Greater Noida.

Some of the projects at Omicron, Greater Noida are:

  • Migsun Ultimo

  • Sector Omicron 1A, Greater Noida

  • Sankalp Society

  • Uppal Plumeria Garden Estate Purvanchal Royal Estate

  • SKA Metro Ville

  • Purvanchal Royal City

  • Sector Omicron 2, Greater Noida

  • Supertech Czar Villa

Some of the top real estate developers have come up with their projects in Greater Noida. A few of them are:

Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida: Jaypee Greens is a residential project that is luxurious, full of lifestyle amenities, and with better specifications. The residential project is with a huge number of residences in this region. The residential project has 3 BHK on offer. The monthly rentals for this project are very high which may vary from Rs 23,000 to Rs 1.4 lakh. The project connects with the best of the schools and educational institutes. It connects with metro services near the project area. It makes it one of the best places to live in Greater Noida.

Gaurs The Islands: Gaurs The Islands is a residential project with 4 and 5 BHK apartments. The residential project is one of the prestigious lifestyle homes with good lifestyle amenities and better specifications. The residential project gives you capital appreciation and with huge return on investments. The residence comes with a location at B-11, Jaypee Greens in Greater Noida. The residential project is with RERA ID UPRERAPRJ734560.

Gaur Atulyam: Gaur Atulyam as a residential project has on offer 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments. It is a Gaur Atulyam residential project with good specifications, better amenities, and well well-developed lifestyle. The residential project has best of the location at Sector Omicron 1, Greater Noida. The RERA ID for the project is UPRERAPRJ8838. This gives one of the best places to live in Greater Noida with higher capital appreciation.

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Best Residential Places to Live in Noida

Noida is one of the top destinations for investors and companies that are based in IT/ITES industries in India. It connects with developments that make it number one in this region. It makes some of the biggest residential developments that connect with huge residential areas which makes ever-expanding Noida. The city has seen no limits in growth and it gives new developments to connect such as New Noida the newly shaping city near the Dadri region. Greater Noida West has already created some of the best residential properties. Greater Noida offers some of the best residential developments and the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway makes it one of the most compatible growth areas.


To give huge benefits the connectivity makes all the region as best place to live in Noida. The posh location which gives the cream layer of the project makes it easy for the people to get the best out of it. As you see above the ground there is a metro within every few minutes that connects with all parts of Delhi-NCR. It makes it easy for people to commute from one region to another. The commercial establishments coming one after another are all because of the smooth roads which are congestion free and connect all sectors. The developments make it a good place to invest in the best places to live in Noida. Other Project M3M the Line

If you are looking for a better investment opportunity with higher appreciation then get some of the best places to live in Noida:

Sector 55 and Sector 56: These residential sectors in Noida give the best proximity to various locations such as Sector 12, and Sector 22. Mayor Vihar Phase 3, Sector 25 is near to it. The project is near various landmarks such as Laxmi Narayan Temple and Vanasthal Public School. The project has a residential property with huge residences where it has 8 rooms residences. The residential project is with a price range of Rs 3 Crore and gives the price up to Rs 6.90 Crores. It gives huge rental appreciation and higher returns with sales. It adds excellent connectivity by metro services and superior road infrastructure.

Sector 15: Sector 15 is one of the posh locations of Noida. It is the ideal sector to live with family and the area connects with supermarkets, food joints, malls, and cinemas. It is easy to find residential and commercial developments within this region. The project area is in a safe location and lets you get metro services and road transportation. The project area has a huge number of warehouses and many of the big companies from IT/ITES and various showrooms of vehicles are in this sector. The project is one of the biggest commercial areas with proximity to Sector 18, Noida. It makes best plaes to live in Noida.

Top-places-to-live-Noida investormart a

Sector 22: Sector 22 is one of the posh locations of Noida where you can find affordable homes at good cost on rent. The residential project area is in proximity to various other sectors as Sector 12. Most of the time commonly this area is known as 12-22. It makes it easy for people to recognize these sectors with the twin name. So, if you look for some great deal both sectors come with better lifestyle homes at great prices by Free Real Estate Portal in India.

Sector 137: Sector 137 comes as one of the most posh locations in Noida. The area has some of the best developments in IT/ITES is part of this area. The project connects with the IT/ITES centers. It is the most popular place in business where you can find the working professional reach from all parts of Delhi-NCR. It gives some of the best property appreciation and best places to work in Noida.

best-places-to-live-in-noida investormart

Central Noida (Sectors 77, 78): The comprehensive Real Estate Property developments can be seen with location in Central Noida. The properties in this part of the city are within easy reach as there are a huge number of properties available. It is easy to search the properties as most of the properties are listed with us and you get the best offers. The project connects with the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Vishwakarma Marg, and with direct metro connectivity, it makes commuting easy from all parts of Delhi-NCR. It makes best places to live in Noida.

Sector 75 & 76 Noida: The prominent sector 75 and 76 Noida comes as the best residential areas to live in Noida. It is one of the most affordable areas to live in the city. You get Sector 75 and Sector 76 where you get excellent facilities. The project adds key facilities such as playgrounds, gyms, parks, hospitals, and all other necessities near it. It is one of the most ideal places to live with all the perks as restaurants, multiplex, and malls near it.

Greater Noida West: Greater Noida West has emerged as one of the biggest residential and commercial developments with good lifestyle homes. The project area gives you a better lifestyle and superior connectivity with a huge number of apartments coming up in Projects in Greater Noida West. It is soon to connect with metro services and has the best of the reputed schools, and educational institutes near it. The project area is ideal to invest with better capital appreciation, makes best place to live in Noida.

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