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Antriksh Green: A New Paradigm for Eco-Friendly City Life


Antriksh Green stands out as a model of ecology and technology progress in the fast-paced real estate business. This house uses bricks and mortar in a way that isn't common, and it's also a great example of

f how eco-friendliness and modern design can work together.

Antriksh Green is an excellent example of how to plan a city in a way that is both good for the earth and the people who live there.

Belief in the Environment

Firms like Antriksh Green that have taken steps to reduce their carbon emissions and protect the world's natural resources should be praised for being brave. This project does many good things for the environment, like collecting rainwater and using machines that use less energy.

Installing solar panels helps reduce the amount of energy used worldwide and saves homes money by making them less reliant on the power company. These projects' final results show that the developer's goal was to make the community more eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Creative Building Plans and Designs

Antriksh Green's central business concept is to focus on the new design that improves how a product looks and how it works. The style of the project goes well with its green surroundings, making for a calm and relaxing environment. Most of the decrease in the need for artificial lighting and cooling is due to more people using natural light and airflow.

Involvement in the Community

Antriksh Green knows that sustainability is about more than just taking care of the earth and that building a feeling of community and social duty is essential. One of these things is the growth of a shared character.

The plan calls for creating public places all over the region where people can meet new people and make friends that will last. These communities connect people and urge them to work together to live in a good way for the earth.

Sustainable Habits

Antriksh Green's primary goal is to live in a way that has the least harmful effects on nature. Innovative home features have been built into living rooms so that people can control the temperature, lighting, and protection of their houses from the palm of their hand. This makes people more comfortable and makes it easier for them to keep track of and change how much energy they use. This is because energy use can be tracked and managed from afar.


Antriksh Green shows that building cities and taking care of the earth don't have to be at odds with each other. This is what Antriksh Green wants to say. The real estate market now has a new standard to meet because of the firm's commitment to sustainable practices, cutting-edge design, and community service. Antriksh Green has changed how people live in cities by emphasising eco-friendly activities, careful design, and close relationships with neighbours. Projects like Antriksh Green make us think about a world where improving technology and caring for the environment can live together and even do well.

Antriksh Greens Project Details

  • Property ID : IM515

  • Configurations : 3, 4, 5 BHK Apartment

  • Property Price : On Request

  • Project Area : 3 Acres

  • Total Tower : 5

  • Property Status : Residential Apartment

  • Property Type :Ready To Move

  • Payment Plan : Down Payment Plan

  • Possession Date : 2012

  • Total Unit : 150

  • Rera No :

  • Not Applicable

  • Full Address :

  • Plot No-F7, Sector-50, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.

Antriksh Greens Location MapPlot No-F7, Sector-50, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.

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